Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest Mirror Art - Feather

This is the latest Mirror - FEATHER

Size: 45 "x10"

Let's see this lifelike feather on the wall of black and white.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mirror Art "The Flames of Love"

The Flames of Love

Just like a burning flame in the sun.
Here are photos in white and black background.





Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mirror Lovely Rabbits for 2011,the Year of the Rabbit

The coming year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit in Asia. So here I'd like to take some photo of Rabbit Mirror for celebration.

These 4 are taken in the sun. The sky and leaves inflection is so clear in the Mirror Sticker.

rabbit mirror(600) 1

rabbit mirror(600) 2
rabbit mirror(600)  4

rabbit mirror(600)  3

Silver and Gold Surface:
rabbit mirror(600)  5

rabbit mirror(600)  6

Maybe you will see some bubble in the mirror, don't worry, the mirror surface is smooth. The bubble is just the reflection of the wall paper.

Of course here is its official picture:


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mirror "Moon Boat"

Here is another Mirror Wall Stickers " Moon Boat"
Like a little boy sitting in the moon and Blowing bubbles while making dreams.

I thinks family with children prefers this style.



This one is of gold surface. Because the room was too dark when I took the photo, color is not clear. Like the one below:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Different shapes of Mirror Stickers

Here are official pictures for our Mirror Stickers. Which one is your favorite?

What's more. This mirror sticker can also be customized. So if you have any good ideas, tell me. :)

official picture of mirror sticker 1
official picture of mirror sticker 2
official picture of mirror sticker 3
official picture of mirror sticker 4
official picture of mirror sticker 5
official picture of mirror sticker 6
official picture of mirror sticker 7
official picture of mirror sticker 8

Monday, September 6, 2010

Removable Mirror Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are now more and more popular nowadays because they give us an easy way to decorate our rooms and make our living more energy. Here Mywalldecor is going to introduce an original wall sticker for you – mirror wall sticker. This mirror sticker can be used as a real mirror because of its material. There are in silver or gold which you can choose to match your room.

This removable mirror sticker is made of PS plastic film of 1mm thickness. The front side is protected by an adhesive film that has to be removed after paste. You can easily paste it with double side adhesive or any all-purpose glue in any place.

In the market you can see some acrylic mirror stickers. Acrylic mirror sticker is much thicker than plastic film one which makes it harder to be made into complicated shapes. It limits its design. And, acrylic sticker is so fragile that you need to handle it more careful when applying. Also, acrylic mirror stickers cost more. While our plastic film mirror sticker is light in weight but strong, fire-resistant. Its design is flexible and easy to be made into any shapes but cost less. Compared with acrylic mirror stickers, the mirror function of this plastic film mirror stickers is more clear and exquisite.

Let's take one for example: Rose of Versailles

Official picture: (Please note that real item looks much better than the official picture. Just wait~~)
rose (single logo)7


rose (single logo)3

rose (single logo)8
Yes, that's me inside the mirror :)

rose (single logo)4

Instructions to paste it into two roses:

1. Paste double-sided adhesive or other glue on the back of the mirror wall stickers.
2. Fix the outer frame with scotch tape.
3. Fix inner parts with double-sided adhesive or other glue.
4. Remove the outer frame and fix it at another place.
5. Remove the protective film on the surface of the mirror wall sticker.
Then you will see the clear mirror function after removing the protective film.

There are still lots of different shapes. I will show it later.